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You can install Phantom Linux is a few easy steps. If you are connected to the internet, the timezone will be automatically set. Otherwise, you can do a completely offline install.

  1. Download the ISO of your preferred Phantom Linux version (an ISO is an image of the system)
  2. Burn the ISO on a DVD with your preferred burning software, or to a USB stick/drive
  3. Ensure that your computer BIOS allows to boot from DC/DVD ROMs and USB drives first
  4. Place the DVD in your CD/DVD drive or connect the USB stick/drive to your computer
  5. Boot your computer
  6. You will be presented with the Installer in Phantom Linux environment (the same one that will become your new desktop). Just follow the simple steps and you are done*

*If you prefer to install the Arch way, simply close the installer, launch a terminal, and follow Arch's guide. Phantom Linux includes the entire Arch ISO

See the video tutorials:

Next Steps


Phantom Linux receives almost daily updates. It is strongly advised that you update your system once it is installed and keep the good habit to keep it update. Thus, the first thing to do is launch the App Center and update. When the “linux” package - which is the kernel - is updated, it is strongly advised to reboot, or something might not work properly.

Adding Software

Phantom Linux is an operating system and leaves you the full choice on what additional package you want to install. When you need something, a good starting point is always the App Center. For example, if you need an Office suite, you can install “libreoffice-fresh” in just a few clicks. After your first installation and update, it is usual to prepare your work environment with the applications you need.

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